How to use Radio Telemetry?

Note: radio telemetry may interfere with GPS satellite search. Radio telemetry should stay away from GPS, flight control and other electronic products as far as possible.

1.Use for APM flight controller.

2.Use for PIXHAWK flight controller.


1.The Radio Telemetry is tested all OK before you get it, you do not need to modify parameter, if you want to modify parameter, please make sure the parameter of air and ground is same, otherwise it maybe can not work.

2.We had uploaded the firmware for radio telemetry(include air and ground),the version is latest 2.0. So, no need to upload firmware.Do not recommend to upload firmware for radio telemetry. If you want to upload , make sure the air and ground is 2.0, the version should be same, otherwise, it will not work.

Some people upload the ground with 2.0 firmware version ,but the air cannot be uploaded, it is 1.9, it cannot do not recommend to upload firmware for radio telemetry.

Do not modify parameters .if want to modify the parameters of radio telemetry ,read here.

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