Why can 500MW or 1000MW radio telemetry only see 100MW (20dB) configuration?

Some people buy 500MW or 1000MW radio telemetry, but only can see 100MW(20db) configuration

Because radio telemetry use Sik firmware. Sik is open souce code,It is based on si1000 chip. The maximum power of si1000 chip is 20dB (100MW). All sixxx chips are 20dB (100MW). The software configuration is based on si1000 chip, so the maximum software configuration is 20dB. How to achieve 500MW or 1000MW? It has to be amplified from the peripheral circuit, 5 or 10 times to reach 500MW or 1000MW. When we set the si1000 chip to 20dB (100MW) from the software, plus the peripheral 5x or 10x amplification, it is 500MW or 1000MW.

So no matter 100MW, 500MW or 1000MW, only 20dB configuration can be seen in software configuration

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