ESP-Drone is an open source solution based on Espressif ESP32/ESP32-S2 Wi-Fi chip, which can be controlled by a mobile APP or gamepad over Wi-Fi connection. ESP-Drone comes with simple hardwareclear and extensible code architecture, and therefore this project can be used in STEAM education and other fields. The main code is ported from Crazyflie open source project with GPL3.0 protocol.

For more information, please check the sections below:


  1. Stabilize Mode
  2. Height-hold Mode
  3. Position-hold Mode
  4. APP Control
  5. CFclient Supported

Note: to implement Height-hold/Position-hold mode, extension boards are needed. For more information, see Hardware Reference.

Third Party Copyrighted Code

Additional third party copyrighted code is included under the following licenses.

ComponentLicenseOriginCommit ID
core/crazyflieGPL3.0Crazyflietag_2021_01 b448553


  1. Thanks to Bitcraze for the great Crazyflie project.
  2. Thanks to Espressif for the powerful ESP-IDF framework.
  3. Thanks to WhyEngineer for the useful ESP-DSP lib.

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