VTOL Search & Rescue

VTOL Search & Rescue systems provide an extremely versatile solution for life saving applications. Combining the range and endurance of fixed wing aircraft with the VTOL capabilities of multicopters a ArduPilot QuadPlane can help save lives with easy takeoff and landing and long distance operation.

UAVs save lives

At times when people need help, maybe lost and possibly injured, a single autonomous UAV can be the thing that saves their lives. Much cheaper and easier to operate, UAVs with IR cameras can locate people in need during day and night. In disaster areas getting up-to-date information is essential to find and save the people who have been stranded. UAVs can even deliver medical supplies, water cleaning tablets, or emergency rations to people in desperate need.

No need to risk additional lives

In a forest fire, a large building fire, or after an earthquake the firefighters and rescue teams need information and have to locate trapped people without endangering firefighters or SAR personnel. Drones can go where people cannot. They can help in checking areas, providing a bird’s eye view, or they can even enter buildings in danger of collapsing.

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